Do you ever say things like…

“Oh my God I just don’t get this sh*t!”  

“I have no idea where to start. This stuff just freaks me out!”

“I so scared I’m doing something wrong”

“I really don’t want to get in trouble with the government!”

 Now THAT’s over!  

“I’m ready to dive in and do what I need to do!”

“I know there is much to learn but I’m ready to take baby steps!”

“Okay, where do I start?  Let’s do this together!”

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My clients love to work with me…why?

I’ve got the knowledge and expertise, I keep things simple and I make it easy for you to understand.



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About Me

Liz M RaymondThanks for being curious!

The Geek in Me!

I absolutely love to help entrepreneurs to understand the money part of their business, including the systems and processes. It was when I began training clients’ staff member that I realized this was my real joy.

After graduating from a business high school I gain much of my  training while working with accounting firms like Thorne, Ernst & Whinney (one of the top 7 accounting firms).

In 1993 I decided to head off on it became apparent my growth would be stunted as an employee.  I knew I could do more so my entrepreneurial journey began.

Advertising using a printed flyer reaped me one client. The rest have come through word of mouth. When you treat your clients well and provide top quality service, clients brag about you to their friends and associates, they become your greatest fans!  As I worked with clients in the early years I found myself setting up and optimizing their business systems, providing HR and managerial services and even a little IT work (okay, not a little, quite a bit actually).

Becoming a single mom at 32, I embraced my entrepreneurship and welcomed the flexibility, better time management and greater financial opportunities.

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Single Parenthood

Single parenthood brought with it its challenges and it’s most memorable moments.  One of the greatest challenges I faced was when my sons became teenagers… oh boy!!  An organization called “GradUit” with its fabulous community and awesome leaders provided me the opportunity to gain skills and strategies that not only allowed me to improve personally, it improved my parenting and professionally (I began my GradUit journey in 2008). My children stepped out of the angry teen years and have grown into pretty decent young men.   As they got older I found myself thinking there had to be more to life. GradUit teachings helped me to see there was more to me than just being a mom and a bookkeeper.

Sharing knowledge

After a 7 year journey with GradUit, tEntrepreneurshiphe original Founder, Melanie Hayden-Sparks, announced she was ready to retire and step away from GradUit. My reaction was “GradUit can’t stop, this stuff changed my life!”

My friend and mentor, Penny Lee Prevost and I shared with Melanie how we couldn’t let it die.  We had witnessed how the skills and strategies had changed so many lives, including our own. We wanted to continue what she started.  With her love and support (and continued mentoring) we are carrying on her work through GradUit Thrivers Inc. which is more than just skills and strategies that improve your life in business and personally,  it’s accountability, support and a community of positive change.

As I  realized my potential and my true purpose, I realized I find so much joy in teaching, sharing knowledge and experiences with others.  My bookkeeping practice has shifted away from bookkeeping and towards training entrepreneurs the business financial literacy piece that so many struggle with.  Watching entrepreneurs move from overwhelm and stress to calm, confident and yes, even excited, fills my heart.

My Family

Thriving ForwardMy mom has been my greatest influence. She has taught me the importance of being involved in our community, creating change and believing we have a choice in how we live our lives.  She has always been a shining example of what it means to care for members of our community, including our extended family members.  My mom was a living example of “Feel the Fear…. and Do It Anyway”.  Life is about change and choices and moving forward. Collaborating with amazing people I meet I help organize clothing drives, support charities that grant wishes and create events that celebrate the lives of single parents and children.

I am an educator, mentor, entrepreneur, daughter, mom, grandma and friend.

I believe creating a positive community of support, be it professionally, personally or paternally, can only be a great thing!

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Liz M Raymond

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Entrepreneurship is a journey that will teach you many valuable lessons.

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” it’s the best way to grow and reach your greatest potential.

Say yes. It’s all about baby steps and putting one foot in front of the other.

Remember to ask.


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