The Crumbling of Fear

This morning I decided to pull an Oracle card to start my day. The Crumbling popped out of the pack. and landed on my desk.

"What are you hanging onto?"

Just as quickly as the card popped out, so did the word "fear".

I sat with that thought for a moment and committed to being totally honest with myself.

As I have been shifting my business in the last six months, I knew the truth of it all was is that ugly monster called FEAR had reared his ugly head. What am I fearful of? 

Fear of judgement

Buy why?  Covid or at least its circumstances.

When Covid showed up, life shifted as we are all aware. I had to shift my focus, for self preservation being solely financially responsible for myself. I had to shift to  be able help my loved ones who had been directly affected by it. 

In the background I still continued to do what I could to support others. 

What I didn't realize is that while doing what I needed to do, fear was slowly invading space in my head, waiting for the right moment to show up.

I was making excuses like "I'm not ready yet", "I don't have anything planned" and "I don't know what our community of women entrepreneurs need first". I let those excuses barricade me from the front lines of sharing valuable knowledge, experiences and expertise. Things I knew could make a difference.

Awareness -- that is key to change. 

Now that I have become aware of it, I have chosen to pick up my hammer and chisel (pen and paper) to tear down that wall of fear. To watch it crumble, to make way for more of what else is possible in 2023. 

GradUit Thrivers taught me to carry a journal, ready to take notes when fear shows up. This lets me to capture those thoughts, re-frame them and come out the other side with courage to take action steps to showing up fully once more. 

Has fear built a wall for you? Are you ready to watch it crumble?