Community Involvement

  • 2019 CHEO Gala
    2019 CHEO Gala
    Me and some friends showing off our CHEO Socks in support of the CHEO Gala held at the Infinity Center
  • Single Parenting For Success Symposium March 21 2015
    Single Parenting For Success Symposium March 21 2015
    An amazing team of volunteers who came together as we created the first (and only) SPFS Symposium. It was like Christmas for the single parents who participated. Creating a community of support that began right infront of our eyes at this event.
  • Ability First Bag-O-Rama Fundraiser
    Ability First Bag-O-Rama Fundraiser
    Taking a break from sorting clothes at the Ability First Bag-O-Rama for a little photo booth fun.
  • Do the Blue Breast Cancer Fundraiser
    Do the Blue Breast Cancer Fundraiser
    GradUit members and friends came together to support Catherine Landry in her Do The Blue initiative for breast cancer.
  • MoMondays Stories
    MoMondays Stories
    It's really important that we all share our stories. This 10 minute talk at MoMonday's here in Ottawa took me WAY out of my comfort zone but provided me with a chance to meet a few people who found inspiration from my story. I Found My Life In a Funeral Home was a hit!!
  • GradUit's make MVP
    GradUit's make MVP
    When our GradUit team joined in at Children's Wish Exile Island, we receive the MVP award. It was so much fun!!
  • Children's Wish Exile Island
    Children's Wish Exile Island
    I participated in Children's Wish Exile Island for 4 consecutive years. To know we helped make 4 children's wishes comes true gives me goose bumps. Meeting their families was pretty special.
  • Hang Up Hang Out
    Hang Up Hang Out
    Being a small part of a large collaboration with the Ladies Who Lunch. Several locations were set up across the city. I'm here helping Sue Liko of Focus on Seniors.
  • Wishmaker Walk
    Wishmaker Walk
    It's important to teach our children and grandchildren that helping others can be fun. Making Wishes Come True is SO much fun.
  • Back To School Clothing Drive for The Well
    Back To School Clothing Drive for The Well
    In 2012 Crystal, Janet and I organized a Back-to-School clothing drive for The Well. We collected 1200 pounds of clean, gently used clothes for kids and their moms.

Growing up, I saw people reach out and help my mom when she was a single mom. As times got better and us kids didn’t need so much of her time, we witnessed mom paying it forward.  Not because she felt she had to, but because she wanted to.  I learned quite a bit from my mom, she instilled greatly qualities in me.  In my early 30s when I needed help, I was blessed to have others step up and show me that people with big hearts still existed.    When I witnessed my children paying it forward on their own, I knew that as children we really do learn what we live.

I learned from my mom that being involved in our community could be fun. As well it could create great connections that often grow into valuable relationships. I enjoy participating in group events and trying new things.  Connecting to members of our communities can be some of the richest experiences we can have.