Focused Membership

Focused  Bookkeeping Accountability Group & One on One Programs

Gaining Financial Clarity in your business allows you to make  Confident choices in your business and your life

Why should you choose to participate in my program?

  • gaining knowledge and understanding removes the stress and overwhelm
  • learning what you can claim increases your chance of staying out of C.R.A. jail
  • keeping current in your books means you REALLY know how your business is doing – where you are making money and where you are not
  • learning the “how to” with your accounting software means you save time and money
  • when a great opportunity arises, you can say YES confidently
  • joining a community of like-minded entrepreneurs means you have positive, supportive and safe environment in which to grow

Things my clients are saying. . .  

“Liz, you meet me where I’m at and make me feel comfortable and safe.  You help me understand the accounting gobledigook so I get it.”

“You are such a sweetheart! You do such a great job training. I am so confident. I don’t want you to ever leave!”

I’d love to walk your entrepreneurial journey with you, just say the word!

“I AM READY TO COMMIT to the process, myself and the group because I want RESULTS”

Focused Accountability: $297.00 (+ HST) Monthly 

  • 1 – Private Facebook Group – posting weekly tips, resources and suggestions p – posting weekly tips, resources and suggestions
  • 2 – Two Group calls a month via Zoom  – 1 hour recorded meetings to review your progress, ask questions and share some education
  • 3 – Two Wealthy Wednesday working Accountability Sessions – work on your bookkeeping individually while being connected to me via Zoom.  Have access to “in the moment” support while you are working on your bookkeeping!
  • 4 – Monthly Tips, Tricks and Resources Newsletter
  • 5 – Discounts on all workshops

Group Calls are schedule and shared via our Newsletter and within the Facebook Group

Highly Focused Accountability: $447.00 (+ HST) Monthly 

  • 1 – Includes the items included in the Focused Accountability membership   
  • 2 –One private 1 hour recorded Zoom call focusing on your specific business bookkeeping needs and education
  • 3 – On your third month of membership, you will receive a Quarterly intensive review of your bookkeeping   (includes actions to take based on your current books)
  • 4 – Discounted rates on additional coaching
    • The One on One calls are scheduled at the beginning of each month

Laser Focused Accountability: $697.00 (+ HST) Monthly 

  • 1 – Includes the items included in the Focused & Highly Focused Accountability memberships  
  • 2 –Monthly Bookkeeping Review  (includes actions and recommendations)
  • 3 – VIP Support   (access via Messenger, Email and telephone)
  • 4 – Free access to online workshops

In summary, receive accountability, support and education that will increase your bookkeeping knowledge, achieve accuracy in your financial story and confidence in your bookkeeping skills

Still have questions? Call Liz (613) 800-3730