The Crumbling of Fear

This morning I decided to pull an Oracle card to start my day. The Crumbling popped out of the pack. and landed on my desk.

"What are you hanging onto?"

Just as quickly as the card popped out, so did the word "fear".

I sat with that thought for a moment and committed to being totally honest with myself.

As I have been shifting my business in the last six months, I knew the truth of it all was is that ugly monster called FEAR had reared his ugly head. What am I fearful of? 

Fear of judgement

Buy why?  Covid or at least its circumstances.

When Covid showed up, life shifted as we are all aware. I had to shift my focus, for self preservation being solely financially responsible for myself. I had to shift to  be able help my loved ones who had been directly affected by it. 

In the background I still continued to do what I could to support others. 

What I didn't realize is that while doing what I needed to do, fear was slowly invading space in my head, waiting for the right moment to show up.

I was making excuses like "I'm not ready yet", "I don't have anything planned" and "I don't know what our community of women entrepreneurs need first". I let those excuses barricade me from the front lines of sharing valuable knowledge, experiences and expertise. Things I knew could make a difference.

Awareness -- that is key to change. 

Now that I have become aware of it, I have chosen to pick up my hammer and chisel (pen and paper) to tear down that wall of fear. To watch it crumble, to make way for more of what else is possible in 2023. 

GradUit Thrivers taught me to carry a journal, ready to take notes when fear shows up. This lets me to capture those thoughts, re-frame them and come out the other side with courage to take action steps to showing up fully once more. 

Has fear built a wall for you? Are you ready to watch it crumble?

Clearing the fog

As I look through my livingroom window I see how foggy it is outside this morning. It's a mild day, the snow has been melting and it's quiet, no sign of civilization.

On this last day of the year I'm feeling reflective. Seeing the fog is a reminder that it is time for me to cut through the fog in my life. Time to take steps to help the fog lift, to be able to get clear on where I am meant  to go and meant  to do. Each of us are meant to do "something". Understand our Genius Zone

I am reminded that I only need to see 2-3 feet in front of me to be able to see my next step. and not be overwhelming concerned about my destination.  I have a vision of my great destination. And to be honest there are times I get overwhelmed just thinking about it. St baby steps remove that overwhelm, replaced with excitement and wonder.

What I have learned in the last 10 years since my vision appeared, is that that destination can change. Maybe not where you want to end up, but what it looks like. The journey we planned isn't necessarily the journey we are meant to take. 

There may be lessons, skills or experiences that are necessary for us to gain to help us  gain clarity on our zone of Genius--our gift to the world-our greatest impact.

Writing is one of those steps I take. Sitting in reflection of my accomplishments, my challenges and the lessons I want to take with me into the new year. That feeling of my beautiful fountain pen in my hand, writing on the smooth thickness of my journal pages, it's an experience I feel in my body. One I can pull up whenever I want it. Enjoying each step along the way of my journey.

Do you have a ritual you have? What steps are you taking to gain clarity on your journey? Will you share those with me?

Wishing you a New Year filled with love, joy and clarity.

Organization is Key – Saving time and money in business

bookkeepingOrganization is key – key to what?

As entrepreneurs we are always looking for ways to make money. Isn’t that one of the reasons we became entrepreneurs?

There is no greater way of losing opportunities to make money than being disorganized. Wasting time searching for documents we have misplaced, digging through piles of papers looking for customer orders, flipping through receipts trying to find that one for the item we need to return and worst of all, searching our emails looking for that one email that has the attachment we so desperately need!

Wasting time is the number one reason why we lose opportunities for making money!

Yes, I get it! It takes TIME to get ORGANIZED. But when you think of the investment in time to get organized, you will save so much more time later. Automating our systems is the next time saver that will allow us to make more money! But that’s another topic we can discuss later.

Back to getting organized. So can bet you are wondering “where do I start?” Am I right? Simple. Think about how you work and what are the steps you take from beginning to end when you work with your clients. Think about how you group your customers, services, products, supplies, etc. Create a list with the groupings for each of these categories. These are the “folders” you are going to create and start “filing” the documents, emails and digital documents. Yes, they are going to look the same! Why? Because when you think of where you are going to look for something — you will know EXACTLY where to look regardless of the type of item it is. And guess what? These categories are going to be cross-referenced in your bookkeeping! Easy, peasy!

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Backup Your Bookkeeping

You’ve completed your bookkeeping, put your paperwork away and shut off your computer. Without a second thought you walk out of your office and end bookkeepingyour day.

You have set up a backup system to your computer and trust that it works to keep you protected from losing any of your bookkeeping data.  Doesn’t it feel great to have that in place?

So what about the other backup?

When I talk to clients about backing up their data this is where their mind goes right away. I’m very pleased when they tell me that their computer backups are in place (when they are). But the backup I find myself talking about these days is “proof in numbers”.

Entrepreneurs worry about filing their personal, corporate and sales taxes on time so C.R.A. (Canada Revenue Agency) won’t come knocking on their door. Filing on time will certainly help reduce the chance of that wolf coming to your door (the C.R.A. Auditor), but it’s not necessarily what will let you sleep well at night.

What will keep you awake at night, or at least it should, is the lack of documentation and proof behind the numbers.

I’m talking about receipts for purchases, invoices for sales and documents for deposits that don’t relate to your sales. Working from bank statements and credit card statements are NOT your proof in the pudding. Sure it shows you purchased items and deposited money. But the lack of details is the problem. According to C.R.A you are responsible for accounting and financial documents include the documents to support these transactions.

Notice it states “documents to support these transactions”. This means receipts, invoices, etc. documentation that shows the details of the transactions etc.

I have been through a few audits with a couple clients and we always sailed through them easily, because I ALWAYS backup the transactions with receipts or documentation that provides details for the transactions.

Backup, backup, backup.  This is more than just a digital backup of your accounting data.


How do you protect yourself?

  1. Ensure you have receipts with details – where details are lacking, make notes on the back of the receipt.
  2. Ask restaurants for the receipts that show the taxes (quite often you only get the POS receipts).
  3. Create a simple filing system to store your receipts until you have recorded them in your bookkeeping program. (Sign up for my Let’s Get Organized Together workshop)
  4. Have steps in place that ensure documents are acquired for each transaction – make sure your employees know what is necessary.
  5. Scan a copy of the receipts (with the details) and attach it to the transactions in Quickbooks Online.

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6 Steps to Release Overwhelm

Today I’d like to share 5 steps for releasing overwhelm when it comes to your bookkeeping. Yep, there, I said it! That dirty word…. bookkeeping. Are you cringing yet? Does that word or the thought of doing your own bookkeeping make you want to tuck tail and run the other way? It’s doesn’t have to  and I guarantee I can help you feel much better about your bookkeeping.

This beautiful picture hangs in my office, right by my desk. The title is “Release”, it’s part of a series called The Yellow Dress Project. It was painted by a beautiful soul by the name of Torre Marie.

So you are probably wondering why I added this picture in my blog. The moment I saw this picture, it spoke to me in so many ways.  It is a daily reminder for me to “Release” all that does not serve me.  That includes overwhelm and stress!

Starting a business is exciting. You had an idea that lit your fire, a product that you absolutely knew others would love. Or a service you could provide because you are just so damn good at it. I know exactly how you feel, because I absolutely LOVE to work with entrepreneurs like you, teaching you about money processes, what they are, what to pay attention to, how to read financial reports and how to find a great resources that will work with you to grow up your baby with you – almost like co-parenting, but it’s YOUR baby, YOUR business.

Bookkeeping was one of those things you probably didn’t think twice about. But now it’s constantly in your face with the invoicing of clients, the purchasing of products and services and not to mention keeping track of those bank accounts (which includes PayPal, Stripe, Square, yada yada).

Do you have a drawer (or box) full of receipts that you’ve jammed in there thinking “I’ll deal with that later”. Is your In Box full of emails with digital receipts and payments from customers (you gotta love etransfers, but what do you do with those confirmations?).

Okay, let’s stop right there!

I’d like to tell you about a simple solution which will save you time and money. These are the two quantifiable elements in business that I like to save for YOU. When setting up a K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple) System, you will no longer waste time searching for receipts and documents which will leave you with more time to make MONEY and make it easier to do your bookkeeping! I know how we all love to do that, besides isn’t that one of the reasons we got into business? Let me share these First K.I.S.S. steps with you.

  1. Schedule a trip to Staples or Walmart to purchase your supplies, be sure to include time to create your K.I.S.S. system. If it’s not in your agenda, it probably will never happen!
  2. Create a list of supplies;
    1. Desktop Hanging Folder Holder
    2. Additional Hanging Folders
    3. File Folders
    4. Labels
  3. Grab your copy of “Organization is Key”  and review the sample Chart of Accounts and choose the expenses you need to track the most for your business. A bright Yellow Highlighter is great for this step. Take note of how many files you need to create – add that note to your list of supplies in Step 2
  4. Get in your car and make that joyful trip to the store to purchase your supplies.
  5. Once you are home, create your filing system!
  6. Pull out that drawer/box and get sorting (if you have WAY too much to do and find yourself reaching your limit, schedule blocks of time to get it finished).

Once you have completed sorting those receipts/documents that have been tucked away for so long, find a convenient place for your new K.I.S.S. system. You know, that place you go when you walk in the door and unload. Some examples could be the kitchen counter or a shelf near your desk in your office.

In my next post I will share the Second K.I.S.S. step in my simple Keep It Simple Systems which will remove more overwhelm in stress.

Want help creating your First K.I.S.S.? Join me and a few other entrepreneurs for an in-person FiRST K.I.S.S. workshop where we build our desktop systems together (the supplies are included in the workshop) and learn about the Top 5 Things to Track in your business. 


Bookkeeping is like learning to drive

Learning to do bookkeeping is like learning to drive.

It was August 1979, when at the age of 19 I decided it was time to learn how to drive. Bumming rides and hopping the bus was getting old and mom refused to share her car!

After a bit of prodding and teasing I took my brother up on a quick driving lesson at the local high school. This “lesson” assured me that what I really needed was to invest in professional driving lessons!

You see, he decided that after a period of driving up and down the parking lot navigating the aisles (staying away from the parking spaces), it would be wise for him to teach me how to drive in circles and stop fast!! That turned out to be a bad idea.  As I picked up speed I panicked and ended up side swiping the yellow cement base of a light post.

OMG! My heart was beating out of my chest and my sweaty hands were gripping the steering wheel so tightly I swear I was leaving marks in the steering wheel.v. As soon as the car stopped moving, my thoughts when straight to how much trouble I was going to be in when we got home. I could just picture the look on mom’s face when she starts screaming her head off because I damaged her car. Even though we only lived across the street, the short drive seemed verrryyy long. What was I going to say?

As soon as we got home my brother jumped out of the card and placed himself strategically against the side of the car, hiding the dent i had made. Mom came out of the house, took one look at my brother, started grinning and asked him what happened. At that moment he slid himself away from the car wish his boyish grin when  mom laughed and said “at least I wasn’t the one who put the first dent in it.”.  That was NOT the reaction I was expecting, at all! (My brother had to fix it so the last laugh was on him, lol)

Bookkeeping Instructor

Right after that lesson I did a little research to compare cost and features of the driving schools in the area.  I decided on Young Drivers of Canada because they offered additional defensive driving in the cost of their program. Their tagline is “defensive driving becomes second nature.” I like that.

The cheapest was not an option. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for. I wanted

I was relieved to find out that our first 2 classes were actually in the drive center. Not only did the review the rules of the road, they taught steps we needed to take to see others drivers, potential hazards and important points about cars.  Once we received these instructions, it was time to take us out on the road.

But not just yet! The instructor actually shared some very valuable information about the rear and side mirrors, what we could and could not see as we sat in the driver’s seat and how far we could see in front and behind us. He helped us to understand this last point by walking in front of the car and instructed us to tell him when we could see his feet. This was his example of how far we should be from the car in front of us.  We got out of the car and walked towards him so we could actually see the distance.

Each of these steps was important for us to know before we turned the key and began to drive. Then, of course, there were many lessons we received on the road.

As a “driving instructor” for entrepreneurs, the lessons I share are those important “must knows” so you, as entrepreneurs, can navigate your financial systems confidently and efficiently. My driving school begins with the “in class” teachings in the Bookkeeping Accountability Group found on Facebook.

Checking your rear view mirror lets you understand where you have been and what you need to take note of.

Adjusting your side mirrors is important to watch those blind spots as you are navigating the roads you are currently driving.

And of course, making sure your windshield is clean and your wipers are working properly so you can see ahead and navigate where you would like to go. Occasionally there is a little fog, but that always clears at some point.

Like driving a car, there are other important features you need to understand to ensure your journey isn’t too bumpy.  As I help you learn how to adjust your seat and mirrors, I have awesome colleagues to introduce you to  who will help you check under the hood (ensuring your business mindset works with you as you grow your business) and a GPS to help you navigate your journey to Succcessville.

Ready for some driving lessons and getting Focused? Invest in yourself and your business to get some intensive education, support and accountability.

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