HST Quiz

Goods and Services Tax

To learn the important facts about GST/HST and how to save money, click on the link below to watch the Webinar

Do you know what you need to know to stay out of C.R.A. jail??

Now that you’ve watched the video, test your HST knowledge here.  True or False  – No cheating!!

You can’t register for HST because you don’t make $30,000 a year

You only have to pay CRA the HST you charge your customers.

As soon as you realize you hit the $30,000 you need to start charging customers HST and then register

You can close my HST account if you don’t earn $30,000.

You don’t have to put your HST number on your invoices

Check your answers!

1 – False (you can register any time – it could be advantageous to register right away to get the HST you pay on expenses back as a refund)

2 – False (You pay CRA HST collected less HST paid)

3 – False (you must register first)

.4 – True  (but you must pay the account in full)

5 – False  (Your HST number must be on your invoices)

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