6 Steps to Release Overwhelm

Today I’d like to share 5 steps for releasing overwhelm when it comes to your bookkeeping. Yep, there, I said it! That dirty word…. bookkeeping. Are you cringing yet? Does that word or the thought of doing your own bookkeeping make you want to tuck tail and run the other way? It’s doesn’t have to  and I guarantee I can help you feel much better about your bookkeeping.

This beautiful picture hangs in my office, right by my desk. The title is “Release”, it’s part of a series called The Yellow Dress Project. It was painted by a beautiful soul by the name of Torre Marie.

So you are probably wondering why I added this picture in my blog. The moment I saw this picture, it spoke to me in so many ways.  It is a daily reminder for me to “Release” all that does not serve me.  That includes overwhelm and stress!

Starting a business is exciting. You had an idea that lit your fire, a product that you absolutely knew others would love. Or a service you could provide because you are just so damn good at it. I know exactly how you feel, because I absolutely LOVE to work with entrepreneurs like you, teaching you about money processes, what they are, what to pay attention to, how to read financial reports and how to find a great resources that will work with you to grow up your baby with you – almost like co-parenting, but it’s YOUR baby, YOUR business.

Bookkeeping was one of those things you probably didn’t think twice about. But now it’s constantly in your face with the invoicing of clients, the purchasing of products and services and not to mention keeping track of those bank accounts (which includes PayPal, Stripe, Square, yada yada).

Do you have a drawer (or box) full of receipts that you’ve jammed in there thinking “I’ll deal with that later”. Is your In Box full of emails with digital receipts and payments from customers (you gotta love etransfers, but what do you do with those confirmations?).

Okay, let’s stop right there!

I’d like to tell you about a simple solution which will save you time and money. These are the two quantifiable elements in business that I like to save for YOU. When setting up a K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple) System, you will no longer waste time searching for receipts and documents which will leave you with more time to make MONEY and make it easier to do your bookkeeping! I know how we all love to do that, besides isn’t that one of the reasons we got into business? Let me share these First K.I.S.S. steps with you.

  1. Schedule a trip to Staples or Walmart to purchase your supplies, be sure to include time to create your K.I.S.S. system. If it’s not in your agenda, it probably will never happen!
  2. Create a list of supplies;
    1. Desktop Hanging Folder Holder
    2. Additional Hanging Folders
    3. File Folders
    4. Labels
  3. Grab your copy of “Organization is Key”  and review the sample Chart of Accounts and choose the expenses you need to track the most for your business. A bright Yellow Highlighter is great for this step. Take note of how many files you need to create – add that note to your list of supplies in Step 2
  4. Get in your car and make that joyful trip to the store to purchase your supplies.
  5. Once you are home, create your filing system!
  6. Pull out that drawer/box and get sorting (if you have WAY too much to do and find yourself reaching your limit, schedule blocks of time to get it finished).

Once you have completed sorting those receipts/documents that have been tucked away for so long, find a convenient place for your new K.I.S.S. system. You know, that place you go when you walk in the door and unload. Some examples could be the kitchen counter or a shelf near your desk in your office.

In my next post I will share the Second K.I.S.S. step in my simple Keep It Simple Systems which will remove more overwhelm in stress.

Want help creating your First K.I.S.S.? Join me and a few other entrepreneurs for an in-person FiRST K.I.S.S. workshop where we build our desktop systems together (the supplies are included in the workshop) and learn about the Top 5 Things to Track in your business. 


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