Mastering Organizing In Your Business

Are your receipts stuffed in pockets? a drawer? or perhaps they are in several different places? Or maybe ………. you have no idea where to find all of them?

The first important step I teach entrepreneurs like YOU is simplifying the steps to make it easy to do your books is Mastering Your Organization.

Organization is key to saving time and money in your business especially when it comes to your bookkeeping.

This in-person workshop will have you setting up your own Desktop filing K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Successfully) system to centralize your business receipts and documents.(Materials included)

Incorporating this simple tool in your process ensures all expenses are accounted for.

Unsure of what you can claim? Don’t pay more taxes than you need to. Become informed about all of the expenses you can claim! Receive your own copy of “What Can I Claim”, a pdf booklet that identifies the C.R.A. approved expenses and the guidelines you need to keep you compliant.

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